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Now that summer is finally here you will have noticed everything has started to grow in the garden including weeds! Here’s the top things we'll be doing this month to help keep on top of the summer growth spurt! 
1. We always hoe regularly in dry conditions to help keep weeds to a minimum 
2. Watering plants – why not look at ways of collecting rainwater rather than using the hose? 
3. Mowing lawns - but not too short! 
4. Hopefully we've seen the last of any frost for a while, so now is the time to cut back shrubs and hardy fuchsias. 
5. Summer bedding plants can now be planted outside. 
6. Arranging hanging baskets and planters outside. 
7. Sewing seeds for bedding plants for spring next year (many should be sown between now and July). 
8. Support any floppy or tall plants with stakes. 
9. Keep on top of side shoots on tomato plants. 
10. If you have a greenhouse keep it shaded to prevent plants getting baked. 
Our plant of the month is the Geranium - great for adding a splash of colour to your garden, they're easy to plant and maintain 
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